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We incoraparte computer renders into our design process to remove ambiguity and to ensure the right design is the one that proceeds to manufacture.

All our concepts derive from years of experience. We encourage clients to contribute a collection of images or hand drawings which we bring together and incorporate into the design. With computer rendering, we can establish the defining characteristics of a project and begin to visualize the result in our initial consultations.
Once direction has been agreed a full design is constructed. To ensure clarity between us and our clients we generate computer renders of the commissioned product which can be shared and adjusted to reach the desired design.
During this time we also address the construction and any additional components that will be needed. This ensures everything we offer is a functional solution ready for manufacture. By making all alterations to the design during the early stages of the project we can avoid the more expensive costs of making changes during manufacture.
We establish an estimate for the design of a project before works commence, however, once a project is finished this is heavily discounted on the final invoice.

Blomfield Balustrade

During the design project for a replacement balustrade renders featured heavily. Initially they were used to convey our design intentions to the client but were later used to compare how the visual mass of the balustrade would change as the height was adjusted.  A the renders are far more intuitive to understand than a architectural drawings they were used by the client used to gain planning permission for the project. The balustrade, weeks before production was brought to life by superimposing the model into the location, allowing a far more accutare sense of scale and colour to be aquired. 

Kitchen Island Unit

A bespoke kitchen island unit highlights in the comparison between the render and delivered a product the confidence clients take from the renders.

This also shows the design progression as the tuned legs evolved to their final design. Sketches of the legs cross section were taken to form 3D objects which allowed insight into how the metal components would influence the look of the island unit. 

Radiator Island Unit

This project was centered around an an old radiator cover which the client wanted to be converted into a kitchen island unit. 

During the design process renders were utilized to explore design variations. Style choices such as the continuation of the features (such as the caved pea’s) across the front of the unit were agreed. Multiple variations of finish and material allowed the client to understand and explore their options.

This allowed changes to be made before manufacture.  

Vine Cottage Garden Gate

This entire project was done remotely (until installation) as the the client was situated in Edinburgh. It was based on the ‘Bramber Gothic Gate’ from our website, however due to diffrences in scale and location it was important to achive the correct asthetic. The posts were designed, and the proportions were adjusted. The Gate was then manufactured and transported to Edinburgh where we installed it.

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