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We make a variety of joinery and furniture for trade and private clients. We are always open to new projects or ideas.

At SA Spooner we specialise in the vast number of internal joinery requirements.  Using both traditional machine and hand tool methods, over many disciplines, SA Spooner’s is able to produce workmanship and projects as diverse and unique as our clients.

Curved Doorset

The curved doorset was requested by the clients to devide the kitchen area and sunroom spaces.

The shape and size was a new idea which was confirmed on site with a full size pattern prior doorset manufacture.

The Deco inspired unit with a pair of opening doors and fixed side lights which are to be double glazed. The unit was primed prior site fitting and hand painted up to top coat before glazing.   The structural opening was supplied and fitted prior the unit manufacture in-order for the electrical and wet trades to progess. The units are made using tradition joinery construction such as Twin mortise and tenons for door jointage. Hammer key joints were used the frame, all the curved work was lamminated cut from solid and glued.  

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