Our Craftsmen can help bring your woodwork back to life and help to prolong its life span, wether joinery or furniture.

Architectural Joinery Restoration

We are able to assist in the restorations of many projects, including grade 1 listed buildings. Unfortunetly due to the privacy requested by the clients on our previous listed projects we don’t have all of our photographs to show on the website. If you are looking for someone to do the restoration on your project please contact us and we will be able to direct you to our references.


Below we have photos and links to other projects in which we used skills shared with the restoration process.

Furniture Restoration & Conservation


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Bed Extenstion

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Gothic Door Restoration

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Greenhouse Restoration

This wooden framed greenhouse had been neglected over many years and had passed the point of simple maintenance.  It was also surrounded by established, healthy vines.

The client brief was to reuse materials that could be reused, such as the remaining glass, and salvageable joinery, and to remake and replace parts that could not be reused or repaired.

The glass house had been built on a lime mortar bonded brick wall which had subsequently suffered badly from exposure.  The weight of the joinery and glass of the greenhouse had caused the front opening sash window and sill wall to bow and drop.  The front wall had its original heating ducts in the brickwork which would have been filled with manure and straw.  These openings had formed weak points which also allowed the joinery to drop, which in turn pulled the top of the roof ridge down and out, causing glass panels to break.  This in turn allowed more water in, causing more woodwork to rot.

The restoration of the green house required the complete lower front opening sash unit to be remade from soft wood, the sills to be remade in oak, together with the top opening sash windows, all of the small long glazing bars, some of the main joists on the gable end of the green house and a new door.

The repair and rebuild took place in and around the vines.

Carved Fireplace

The carved fireplace had been purchased from an architectural salvage yard by the client many years before and had been stored in cardboard boxes and forgotten.

The brief was conserve and repair the fireplace, manufacture a new back panel from softwood and make it ready to be  installed in a new location.

The fireplace surround came to us in pieces and in a poor condition, carrier bags of small fragments.  Over time the animal glue that had been used originally on the fireplace had failed due to damp conditions, leaving all components dry and held together by nails only.

We totally disassembled the surround and cleaned it.  A new back panel was manufactured and pieces that were missing from the original surround such as carved mouldings, a carved cherub, carved fruit etc were remade and fitted onto the new softwood back panel.

The cherub and fruit carvings which had been made from walnut, had suffered from moisture and worm.   These carvings were repaired by replacing any soft, mushy rotten wood with new timber to give them some structural strength.

The repaired fireplace was assembled for the clients in the workshop to view before being polished to the clients’ chosen colour.

French Farmhouse Table in Cherry

This commission was to repair a French table, made of cherry wood which has suffered from shrinkage of the table top – the five main planks of the table top had reduced in size over time.  The mitred cleats at each end of the top had restricted this movement and caused the planks to split at their weakest points.

The client brief was to resize the table top, to smarten up, remove water marks and re-polish without losing charm.

Victorian Sofa

This project was to repair a Victorian sofa that had received damage to one leg.  The leg had also been badly repaired in the past.

The damaged turned leg, made in walnut, had split and lost mouldings. It was drilled and new timber inserted into the base in order to gain a secure fixing point for the castor.  The split and lost mouldings were repaired and made good, then polished to match.  

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